Goodnight you

Now I lay me down
in this cold, lonely bed

despite Him, I pray
this dark soul gets fed

If I wake, before the light
please make it painfully shine
swallow this desire to fight
accepting... it was never really mine


I’ve lost myself again

another soul upon the pyre

one of the masses went nova

and consumed me like fire

the exquisite blaze burned

scorched as it caressed every cell

lulling me into revelry

blinding me to the plummeting hell


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J Addiction

I exhale, “finally free”

This addict no longer needs his pain

I’ve found my jailor’s key

Time will allow me to forget the name

This moth is tired of the tortured fire

and the cold embraces you leave me

Walking the Gemini’s tightrope wire

I’m done with our toxicity


A Small Piece

The cold penetrating loneliness
Cunningly I hide
All the while losing my mind
Like screams lost in the wind
Reaching for a hero
My will fails in the end

Broken screen


Perhaps you shouldn’t call me out

None of the changes worked so far

My heart is being broken as you know well

Tangled in words you’re one to blame

Saying warm phrases while acting cold

Faking the feelings you’ve never hold

Bringing your tears like a deepen swarm

Yet everything is broken sticks to mobile screen

If I would ask will you marry me

Type press send off replying 

Unlike the adult you pretend to become

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The Haunting



The ghost of you still lingers

even though you’re not dead

That particular gift seems too kind

rather a constant haunting in my head


Every day your painful vision appears

Carved into my heart

as if penance is unending

a punishment to never part


Freedom, a luxury he refuses to grant

the sadness aches through

memories forcibly return

often making the betrayal renewed


Is this hell eternal

His way of never letting go

or is my bruised soul

merely reliving all it knows